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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s press conference in Brussels

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s press conference in Brussels

A few hours before the start of her first world tour, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu made a press conference at the VK, the venue of her show in Brussels. Relaxed and smiling, the Harajuku star talked about her first steps in the musical world, about her love for fashion and about some of her most recent projects. 

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KPP-droitJapan Addiction : Welcome in Belgium ! How are you feeling four hours ahead of the first live of your world tour. Is it like a dream for you?

Yes, It’s like a dream since it’s been only two years since my first step as an artist. Thus, being able to come in Belgium, yeah, it really is a dream.

Hotensai : How does it feel to be able to perform around the world ?

It’s only the beginning of my career but there’s a lot of foreigners that watch and comment my PV on Youtube. It’s very flattering to know that foreigners are interested in my music.

Belgotaku : What do you wish the most for your 20th birthday? What do you enjoy the most in your career? Singing ? Modeling ? Being part of shows like Harajuku Kawaii?

In my career, it’s being able to be on stage that I enjoy the most. But I’d love to be able to mix that musical side with the modeling side because it’s clearly part of what I want to be as an artist.

BCM : You are also known as a fashionista and as a model. We have a lot of famous fashion designers in Belgium. Do you know some of them and would you like to make a collaboration with them?

I heard that Belgium also was a country of fashion but I don’t know any belgian designers, so I’m gonna learn from today.

Japan Addiction : During our previous interview, you told us that your main goal was to make your live show at the Budokan a true success. So, mission completed?

Indeed! Budokan was my dream coming true. It was like having wings and fly. I was so happy I was able to achieve that.

Hotensai : Do you know that you appeared in the french magazine « ELLE »? What do you think about it?

I often read the japanese version of ELLE and I wasn’t really expecting to be in the french version. I was really surprised when my staff showed me the page. I was so happy.

Belgotaku : What is your biggest inspiration as a Harajuku Girl regarding the clothes?

When I was a school girl, I listened to that Gwen Stefani’s song called Harajuku Girl and it was kind of a shock for me to discover that such a big international star was singing about Harajuku. So I told to myself that I have to become a Harajuku Girl.

BCM : You’ve been proclaimed Kawaii Harajuku Ambassador, do you think it’s your duty to bring the japanese fashion in Europe?

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was born thanks to Harajuku and thus, it’s kind of a mission for me to promote Harajuku all over the world. It’s such a stunning place, there are a lot of cute and stylish girls and thus I’d love to promote that.

Japan Addiction : Can you tell us something about Kyary Pamyu Pamuseum that will take place in March in Roppongi Hills?

It’s an exhibition of all my costumes and dresses that I created with my stylist. I’m feeling really emotional about this exhibition and the costumes because I really was implicated in the design and creation process. I would be really happy if my belgian fans could come in Japan to see it. It would be marvelous.

Hotensai : From fashion to music and being the host of Japan In Motion, is there something you cannot do?

Maybe I can do anything but what I’d love to do is being able to exhibit the things I create.

BCM : If you could chose any designer in the world, who would you like to work with for creating your next costume?

I’m sorry but I don’t know any designers, so I have no ideas about a collaboration. But what I’d love is being able to create dream dresses with my stylist.

Hotensai : In France and Belgium, you were discovered through your PV’s. What is your favorite one?

Without a doubt, it’s Pon Pon Pon because it’s through this PV that foreigners discovered me. Without it, I won’t be here today on the first day of my world tour. So it’s really the PV that changed my life

Japan Addiction : You worked with the famous photographer Ninagawa Mika for the smartphone application « Ninagawa Tokyo Map ». Can you tell us more about it?

It’s a project for the foreigners who come to Japan for the first time. It’s kind of a guide that will show you what to do and to visit. In fact, we tried to create funny stuff for every ward in Tokyo. I mean, in Asakusa I made my hair looks like a Dango (Japanese sweets), in Harajuku, my hair were looking like crepes, you know, that kind of things. We had a lot of fun doing those things so if you come to Japan for the first time, please try this application.

BCM : What do you know about Belgium?

In Japan, Belgium is known for its chocolate. As Valentine’s day is approaching, I hope I’ll be able to bring back a lot of chocolate.

Hotensai : What are your plans?

In March, I’m going to release a new single called Ninja Ri Ban Ban. As you may have guess with the title, it will talk about ninja’s. The music and the PV will have a lot of Japanese elements in them. I’m also going to sing that song during my world tour.

Belgotaku : Do you have something to say to your belgian fans?

It’s the first day of my world tour and I’m really looking forward to discovering my belgian fans. It will be a live show with my fanciful costumes and my funny dancers. I hope you’ll have a lot of fun!


Japan Addiction would like to thank Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, her staff (ASOBI SYSTEM) and Soundlicious (and more especially Sarah Marcadé) for making this press conference possible.

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