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English Interview : Psycho le Cému

English Interview : Psycho le Cému

02We invite you to get to know more one of the leading guests from the Japan Expo 2016: two members of the band Psycho le Cemu answered our questions before the convention. This is an opportunity to learn more about this colorful band. Here is the translation of the interview, for our english readers.

Psycho le Cemu is a band which went through generations. For the one that doesn’t know you yet, can you present yourself?

DAISHI: I think this is understandable at first sight when you look at our pictures: we are a band which is wearing costumes with flashy colors. As we were moving forward while thinking about many things, suddenly we were telling that we were a group that did cosplay.
LIDA: We are a greedy band gathering various elements: pop but also heavy songs, dance tracks, there are theatrical parts, the concept of our songs also changed. We are a group that is trying to please as much for its music as its look.

In the past you were wearing a much darker style. How did it became a such unique and colorful style?

DAISHI: It was an opportunity to show that we have more personality than any other band.
LIDA: This darker vision of the world is still more or less existing today, but that’s the result of our progress. We have discussed a lot between group members, there has been various tests and errors, and I have a feeling that we conducted a advanced search to find what we really needed.

The members of Psycho le Cemu each have long and different careers. Can you give us more details?06_HI10075

DAISHI: Once, we have temporarily stopped our activities and this was the beginning of our different careers, but then Psycho le Cemu was reformed. I consider this group as the starting point of the musical activities of each of its members. For some of them, there are things they could not do within Psycho le Cemu since we were looking how to make the group a total unit. And all these careers as support members eventually became longer than the rest. (Laughs)
LIDA: Although this is different for each of us, though we have made music or dance our main activity, our progress in these skills had an impact on Psycho le Cemu and that’s why I think, be it musical performances or entertainment, the fact that we have developed all these skills helped us to evolve as a group.


Psycho le Cemu’s lives are not just concerts, these are real and full shows. What is the preparation process of such a show?

LIDA: First we decide the concept with all the members of the band. During this thread, it brings together many ideas: « this manga is good! » or « this game’s character is great! » etc. We ask ourselves how can we be really pleased our public. when the concept is decided, we match the members’ characters according to their preferences. Characters are already more or less set, but we have our guitarist Aya which is a « Oyama » (term which refered in the past to the theater Noh’s actors that were wearing costumes to play the role of women) and our drummer Yuma-Sama whose character is a « ikemen » (handsome man).
DAISHI: I’m wondering is this is understable for the reste of the wolrd. (laughs).
LIDA: We base our concept on the RPG universe and we adapt our characters on it. It also happens that we break our image with a character who wasn’t existing until then.
DAISHI: In a concept without third dimension, real characters playing … isn’t that what makes the charm of our group? LIDA: By pretending that our characters are alive, this is actually the members who are giving them such a human side.


_HI37430This is the very first time you come to France, are you planning to make a special performance?

LIDA: Because it’s the first time we will do a live in France, I want to do a nice performance and to leave a good impression on the french audience.
DAISHI: About the live, there will be theatrical parts, dance…it’s a Psycho le Cemu that is composed of all these elements that I want to show.

Since it is the first time you come to France, how are you feeling? Are you looking forward to meet your french fans?

DAISHI: Tension is already up!
LIDA: Before Psycho le Cemu interrupted its activities, Japanese anime or cosplayand video games culture weren’t widespread in the rest of the world. So when this time we have been invited to the Japan Expo, we were nervous. However, because we can make a live which will be appreciated without talking about the same language, I am looking forward to be there.

Are not you worried about playing in front of an unknown audience?

DAISHI: Even if we are nervous, to make concerts in an environment completely away, it’s the top. After all, while in the United States and in Taiwan all went well.
LIDA: If I see people who are not really interested, I’ll make sure to have them look to me. The appearance may have a huge impact (laughs).

After this first Japan Expo, don’t you want to do a full tour in Europe?

DAISHI: This will depend on our performance at the Japan Expo, but it is my dream to do worldwide concerts. I want to force the doors of the world to open.
LIDA: I want us to become an international band. I will do my best to make it happen one day.

Do you have a last message for your fans?_68A2904

DAISHI: In Japan, we hear many voices of fans who were once in middle school. I really am grateful to them to continue listening Psycho le Cemu with the same pleasure as adults. I would be truly happy if the people who come to see us for the first time at Japan Expo, remember us when we will do a one-man in the future. It’s nice that people come to see us for the first time, but I really want to give them a shock. I am looking forward to meet you.

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