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ARDOUR:ARDOUR∴ Futuristic Rock

ARDOUR:ARDOUR∴ Futuristic Rock

Some time ago social networks saw a band appearing wanting to make their message known throughout the world. Very quickly this new band gathered its fans. We could not miss out on this and we interviewed ARDOUR: ARDOUR∴ for you. Let’s get to know more about a promising band.

Since it’s one of your first contact with the European public. Can you introduce the band and all members of ARDOUR:ARDOUR∴?

Nice to meet you! We, who by the way are Japanese, are grateful to all of you, European people who listened to our music and like it, thank you very much. We’re a 4-piece band, vocalist, guitarist, bassist and drummer, as well as an artist society. We’ve created a new form of artistic expression, with our fusion of metal and digital music, as well as various forms of art, such as ink painting, sculpting, graphic design and others.

Is there any meaning behind the band’s name and who found it?

ARDOUR basically means passion, enthusiasm. Combining our individual passion, zeal and enthusiasm (ARDOUR), we wanted to create something that exceeds imagination. It’s the symbol of great emotional strength. ARDOUR:ARDOUR∴means that we’re a team and we’re united.

Can you tell us how you met and why you created ARDOUR:ARDOUR∴?

Our meeting was predestined and since we all respected the same things, we decided to walk together.

Your music is a ingenious blend of musical genders, from rock to electro and that’s very interesting, what are the artists and bands who influence your compositions?

Oldies but goodies and also modern music are the roots of our rock music; however we might also be very influenced by today’s highly technological society.

When we read you on your socials network, you often said that human contact is precious, that new technology and social medias are some kind of addiction and also a danger for our future. Is this the message you want to tell in your music? And how are you protecting yourself since you are very active en those medias?

This is a very interesting question; it’s exactly what you say. Indeed we use social media ourselves. It’s wonderful too for people around the world to get to know us. However, nowadays this need for connection is sometimes satisfied only through social media, so gradually people are losing sight of the beauty and the importance of direct communication. We just want people to realize this danger, even a little. As a band, the members are separated, so social media is the only way we can communicate and this brings us great pain. That’s why when we eventually meet, we enjoy comprehending each other and understanding each other’s emotions.

You define yourself as a « futuristic rock band », what’s the meaning behind that? And why did you make that choice?

We personally think that Futuristic Rock is a type of music created in order to face the future. That’s what it means for us.

ARDOUR:ARDOUR∴ is composed of creators like painters, movie makers, designers, models… Does this interesting combination influence your music? Can you tell us more about your creational process? Since you are all living in different cities, isn’t it too difficult?

That’s right, the influence is rather big. Because creators are able to imagine something from scratch, all that helps to boost our musical creativity, our inspiration and imagination. It’s harsh for us to live in different cities, that’s why by repeating important discussions several times, we’re able to create something artistically deep.

Would you like to say something to the European public who will discover ARDOUR:ARDOUR∴ with this interview?

Thank you for reading this article until the end. It’s destiny that we happened to come across each other. We might be able to meet again, face to face, in a live-house close to you. We’re happy that you listened to our message closely, thanks to this interview. It’s very important that you share it and spread the word. We’re really looking forward to meeting you one day and we thank you from the depths of our heart.

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